The Authors

Stephen R.Grossman, creativity consultant, is an inventor, physicist, and former head of basic research in new product development for a Fortune 500 corporation. He has taught, trained, and consulted in corporate innovation, creativity and problem solving since 1982. Stephen holds nine process and product patents, including one for Cottonelle bathroom tissue.

Stephen is the author of Innovation, Inc.: Unlocking Creativity in the Workplace (1988) and numerous articles in trade and academic journals, including Success Magazine and Industry Week. These articles addressed creativity, problem solving, innovative corporate thinking, and other related topics.

Stephen is on the faculty of the Creative Institute of Buffalo and is also on the faculty of the University of Connecticut Graduate Program. He has taught in the graduate schools of Antioch and Temple University as well as consulted with and presented programs at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. He has appeared on television and radio discussing the relationship of creativity to problem solving and organizational innovation. He was the keynote speaker at the 4th International Symposium on Innovation in Quebec City.

Double Dominance, Inc. was founded by Stephen R. Grossman in 1982 as a consulting company to help businesses capitalize on their own human potential to develop a successful, innovative business culture. Double Dominance has helped companies focus and align the creative energies of their associates to generate and successfully implement high-value marketplace ideas. Stephen R. Grossman's belief is that evaluation and decision making are key creative factors for business success.

Peter Lloyd has helped companies invent new products as a certified Marco Polo Explorer and as the Innovation Activist at Northlich, one of the leading marketing communications firms in the United States.

Among the innovative idea-generating products Peter developed for these companies is a collaborative, online process called Brainline. BrandStorm currently uses it under the name IdeaSpring.

He is co-author with Marco Marsan of Think Naked: Childlike brilliance in the rough adult world and the novel The Lion's Way

For ten years he was head honcho of Right Brain Works, staging Right Brain Workshops and Creative Animas Safaris gathering enthusiastic reviews for unforgettable performances at Victoria’s Secret, Heinz, 3 Musketeers, Procter & Gamble, Hallmark Cards, AT&T, and other companies. His Right Brain Workouts are collected in five volumes of audio cassette tapes, recorded as they were every Monday morning for two years on Public Radio, WGUC-FM in Cincinnati.

In his interactive Right Brain Workshops, Peter has incited exceptional creative thinking with practical, profit-making applications. He has trained writers, editors, art directors, bank executives, marketing public relations directors, sales managers, and company presidents.

He has also worked as a writer and creative director with major advertising agencies, including Sive/Y&R. He developed campaigns for major national advertisers including Valvoline,Hillenbrand Industries, and CompuServe.

During his 12 years in the advertising agency business, he has won major creative advertising awards and has been trained at several international workshops in New York. His advertising career has exposed him to a wide variety of products and advertising media. It also developed in him the ability to quickly assimilate a lot of often complex information and present it in a fresh and fascinating manner.

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