Animal Crackers is a breakthrough problem-solving tool designed to crack your toughest problems. It is especially useful for problems you've repeatedly failed to solve.

As a “court of last resort,” Animal Crackers leads you through a totally new and fascinating thinking process. It actually gives you several potential solutions,each inspired by the adaptation an animal has "invented" in order to survive.

Animal Crackers has been used to develop:

  1. A new line of healthful soup products for the Campbell Soup Company
  2. A new engineering curriculum for the Lehigh University Engineering Department
  3. New PVC polymer applications for Geon Corporation

In order to get the most out of the Animal Crackers process, you will need the Online Tool Manual—a 44-page, spiral-bound workbook that guides you, step by step through the use of the 2010 Online Tool.

The Animal Crackers process has been carefully evaluated by leaders in the field of creative thinking and problem solving. We invite you to read their testimonials.

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