The authors of Animal Crackers would like to publish a new version of our text and cards. After selling nearly 100 decks of self-published cards, we have designed a shelf-ready, boxed kit containing everything necessary to supercharge the creative, problem-solving process.

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Among its many successful applications, Animal Crackers has been used to develop:

  1. A new line of healthful soup products for the Campbell Soup Company
  2. A new engineering curriculum for the Lehigh University Engineering Department
  3. New PVC polymer applications for Geon Corporation

Animal Crackers Book Proposal

We also seek funding for publication from zoos or the corporations who support them. The authors propose that Animal Crackers be used at a zoo as a problem-solving process for business teams, a teaching tool for students, a promotional tool for fund raising, as well as a retail product sold in the zoo store. They offer their services as on-site facilitators of the Animal Crackers process, as enthusiastic product promoters, and as consultative resources as it pertains to their product.

The proposed events provide a zoo with the following benefits:

  1. Animal Crackers extols the value of animals as collaborators in the creative process.
  2. Animal Crackers events can provide a source of revenue for a zoo.
  3. Business communities will have the opportunity to create new, or upgrade existing products and services that significantly impact their bottom line.
  4. Underwriters who publish Animal Crackers will recoup their investment as Animal Crackers events are staged at other zoos.
  5. Animal Crackers can be modified into a student version so the educational community can make more use of the zoo.

As creators of the product and process, the authors expect to earn fees for conducting problem-solving and new-product-development sessions as well as appropriate royalties for products sold.

We have created sample radio vignettes called Wild Animals. Sponsors would use these wrap-arounds for commercials promoting a company's support of a zoo and Animal Crackers events. Between the introductory teaser and the longer payoff in each wrap-around, the sponsor can insert a commercial message.

To discuss publication or other means of support, please email Peter Lloyd or Stephen R. Grossman.

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